Sample Resumes

You do not need to list everything you have done in your career. List only the most important roles and productions you have been involved in.

Your resume should accurately present your experience and achievements. It should be a one-page document that lists your Theatrical, Stage, Film, TV and Commercial experience. Sub-divide your acting resume so that each part of your career is clearly explained.

Awards and Honors are critical information and should be acknowledged properly. Training and education, both formal and informal, should be detailed along with membership of professional affiliations (unions etc).

bulletDO NOT lie about your experience or make up something just to fill in the skills area.
bulletDo not make a resume longer than one page!
bulletYour resume should be clearly legible. Do not use fancy fonts or cute boarders.
bulletIf possible include a headshot near the top of your resume.
bulletThe contact information should be up-to-date.
bulletCreate an email address just for your acting resume. It should be PROFESSIONAL (not
bulletEmphasize your education and training to add strength to your resume.

Here are some examples:

Acting Resume #1 PDF        Acting Resume #2 PDF

Acting Resume #1 DOC        Acting Resume #2 DOC


Technical Resume A PDF        Technical Resume B PDF

Technical Resume A DOC        Technical Resume B DOC